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Consumer News Releases

2003 Consumer News Releases

December 2003

12-16-03 $1.5 Million On Its Way to Iowa Household Finance Customers.
12-11-03 Iowa A.G. Seizes Mail, Thwarting Nationwide Predatory Telemarketing Scam.

November 2003

11-18-03 State Sues Professional Fundraiser -- Xentel, Inc..
11-10-03 Miller: Major Tobacco Companies Agree to Eliminate Advertising from School Editions of Weekly News Magazines.
11-7-03 Attorney General Investigating Sale of Questionable Bullet-Proof Vests.
11-3-03 A.G. Sues Door-to-Door Meat Seller.

October 2003

10-22-03 Modeling Agency Ordered to Curtail Operations.
10-16-03 Ohio Company Selling "Miraculous" Heart Drops Pays $35,000 in Refunds to Iowans.

September 2003

9-30-03 Miller: Wal-Mart to Up Efforts to Curb Tobacco Sales to Minors.
9-30-03 Attorney General Staffer Helping Lead Crisis Response Team to Minnesota Community Where One High School Student Killed Another.
9-29-03 Bankruptcy Filing in Wolford Group Case.
9-26-03 Miller: Mail-Order Tobacco Seller Violates Consumer Fraud Act.
9-25-03 Miller: $52,000 to Time Inc. Sweepstakes Victims.
9-17-03 Miller Urges Iowans to File Claims in Prescription Drug Overcharge Cases.
9-5-03 Court Appoints Receiver to Control Wolford Group Assets and Affair.

August 2003

8-20-03 State Alleges Consumer Fraud by Wolford Group.
8-14-03 Miller: Household Home Loan Holders in Iowa to Receive $1.49 Million in Refunds.
8-13-03 Miller Urges Iowans to File Claims in "Cardizem CD" Prescription Drug Case.

July 2003

7-30-03 New Law Creates List of Cigarettes that May Be Legally Sold in Iowa.
7-30-03 Attorney General Obtains Judgment Against Telemarketing Firm.
7-29-03 Attorney General Obtains Judgment Against Home Improvement Contractor.
7-24-03 Miller: Cancer-Drug Refunds Available in "Taxol" Case.
7-08-03 Iowa Educators to Hone "Financial Literacy" Teaching Skills at Workshop.

June 2003

6-27-03 U.S. "Do Not Call" Registry Launched.
6-18-03 Miller: File for Refunds in "BuSpar" Rx Drug Case.
6-17-03 Deadline Extended to July 31 for Claims on Non-StarLink Corn.

May 2003

5-16-03 Billings for Collect Telemarketing Calls.
5-12-03 Paint Manufacturers Agree to Steps to Protect Children from Lead Paint Poisoning.
5-7-03 Miller: Change Iowa Law to Protect Iowans' Health.

April 2003

4-30-03 Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, Federal Trade Commission, and 27 Other State Law Enforcers Target Internet Auction Fraud.
4-24-03 States and Bristol-Myers Reach "Taxol".
4-24-03 H&R Block to Reimburse Certain Customers.
4-23-03 Attorneys General Caution Automakers on SUV Advertising.
4-16-03 States and U.S. Settle with ADM on Air Pollution: Statement of the Iowa Attorney General's Office.

March 2003

3-7-03 Gas Prices: Letter to the Federal Trade Commission from AGs of Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.

February 2003

2-25-03 Consumer Alert: File for CD Payments!
2-11-03 Miller Issues Warning: Nigeria Counterfeit Check Scam.