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For immediate release -- September 6, 2001.
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Remarks of Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, a leader of the 18-State Microsoft Working Group of States, regarding plaintiffs not seeking breakup in Microsoft antitrust case

The following comment by Attorney General Miller was issued at about 9:50 a.m. CDT:

"The States are joining with the Dept. of Justice in the decision not to seek a breakup of Microsoft. Since the Court of Appeals decision, the States and DOJ have directed their efforts to one objective -- the quickest and most effective remedy possible. This decision is consistent with that objective."

(Miller also noted that the States do not plan to pursue the tying count.)

An additional comment by Attorney General Miller was issued at about 2:40 p.m. CDT:

Tom Miller: "The States have agreed with the US Dept. of Justice not to seek the breakup of Microsoft. All other remedy options remain open to consideration by the States.

"Since the unanimous decision by the D.C. Court of Appeals upholding the core of our case, we have been dedicated to continuing to move as quickly as possible toward a remedy. This industry moves incredibly quickly, and we hope to keep this case moving at a pace that also is swift and effective in protecting consumers, innovation, and fair competition."