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For immediate release -- July 11, 2001.
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Statement of Tom Miller, Attorney General of Iowa, on Microsoft Announcing "Flexibility to OEMs"

Over the years we have seen a pattern where a defendant does something wrong or illegal, achieves its objective, and then says it won't do the same thing again when it's really too late to make a difference. That seems to be the situation here. Much of the Microsoft announcement deals with the browser -- but the browser war is over. Microsoft has won.

The provisions that do not relate to the browser are very unclear and, therefore, difficult to evaluate. So, we will be studying this carefully and looking for a lot of essential details we don't see in the Microsoft announcement so far.

In any event, this proposal falls far short of the remedies or relief we think are necessary.

The Microsoft statement does make clear one thing we have argued in recent weeks - that XP issues are a significant element to be considered in our case.

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