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For immediate release -- June 20, 2001.
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Comment from Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller and Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

We have no current plans for a second lawsuit. We are entirely focused on the present case.

We do have serious concerns about Microsoft's conduct and practices in recent months. The company's announcements about XP and Hailstorm indicate to many of us that Microsoft may be repeating its efforts to maintain and extend its monopoly much more broadly into the Internet.

We have found Microsoft's behavior to be very troubling. If the case is remanded to the District Court, these are matters that we may well be able to bring to the judge's attention. We would never completely rule out a new suit, but our focus now is on the antitrust case that already is before the Courts.

[End of Statement]

[Issued late Wednesday, June 20, in response to news inquiries. There was no prior statement issued.]