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Fighting Crime

The Iowa Attorney General's Office plays a crucial role in fighting crime, alongside Iowa law enforcement officers and county attorneys. The Attorney General has many specific responsibilities, some of which are itemized below, and also looks at the "big picture" in the criminal justice system and recommends changes in state law or policy as they are needed. Please see the following links to learn more about the role played by the Iowa Attorney General in fighting crime.

  1. Current News
  2. Strengthening Iowa's Criminal Law
  3. New Summary of Attorney General's Office Actions to Fight Meth
  4. Prosecuting Serious Felony Offenses: Area Prosecutions Division
  5. Preserving Convictions and Sentences: Criminal Appeals Division
  6. Training Iowa's Prosecutors: Prosecuting Attorneys Training Coordinator
  7. Assisting Victims of Crime: Crime Victim Assistance Division
  8. Protecting the Public from Sexually Violent Predators: Sexually Violent Predator Program
  9. Protecting Children Online
  10. Safeguarding our Rural Communities for Victims of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse: Rural Domestic Abuse and Child Victimization Program
  11. Fostering Safer Communities and Schools; Juvenile Crime Issues
  12. Breaking the Link Between Drugs and Career Criminals: Comprehensive Career Criminal & Drug Prosecution Support Program
  13. Attacking the Meth Problem: High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Program
  14. Protecting Children from the Effects of Meth: Drug-Endangered Children Program
  15. Providing Cutting Edge Research: Iowa Criminal Law Handbook
  16. Encouraging Careers in Criminal Prosecution: Prosecuting Intern Program
  17. Fighting Financial Crime in Iowa: Iowa Financial Crimes Task Force
  18. Law Enforcement and Crime Prevention Links